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Best Nephrologist and Autoimmune Disease Specialist in Coimbatore


Dr.A.PRABHAKAR, a renowned nephrologist is heading our team of Nephrologists. He is well trained in critical care nephrology, adult and pediatric dialysis, interventional nephrology and renal transplantation.

Dr. A. Prabhakar

  • Specialties: Nephrology
  • Area of Interests: Critical Care Nephrology, Interventional Nephrology, Renal Transplant


Our nephrologist’s expertise in critical care nephrology and interventional nephrology has saved many lives so far. He started his nephrology practice since 2011. The art of patient centric approach is practiced in a best way here. Each and every patient is unique and we care them in an unique manner. we are having 24 hrs renal casualty and 24 hours dialysis unit to tackle all kidney related emergencies. We are having interventional nephrology suite which is laminar flow operated zero infection suite room. Our state of art is to deliver latest treatment to our patients. We are having exclusive Renal ICU which was under the direct supervision of our nephrologist to coordinate the treatment with other specialists which gives advantage for renally challenged patients which is unique in our Kongunad Kidney Centre Coimbatore. We are providing online HemoDiafiltration for renal failure patients which is superior to conventional hemodialysis. Our aim is to provide worldclass treatment with in affordable cost.


  • Academic Activities
  • Personal Details
  • Awards & Recognitions

Academic Activities

  • Conducted 12 JOURNAL CLUBS during M.D Course
  • 8 topics taken in symposium during M.D Course
  • 10 cases presented in physician conference during M.D Course
  • 2 cases presented in clinical society meeting during M.D Course.
  • Discussed case in clinical pathological conference.

Personal Details

The Department of Nephrology headed by Dr. A. PRABHAKAR Gold Medalist in M.D General Medicine, completed DNB Nephrology from National Board of Examinations Newdelhi with flying colors in his maiden attempt. He got training from world famous Interventional Nephrology unit. He was awarded 2nd price for his field work in CKD of undetermined etiology by Indian society of Nephrology. He is trained in General Nephrology, Glomerulonephritis, Pediatric Nephrology, Nephrotic Syndrome, Adult and Pediatric Renal Biopsy, Acute and Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis, Pediatric-Hemodialysis, Acute Peritoneal Dialysis, Critical Care Nephrology, Continuous Renal Relplacement Therapy (CRRT) and Live / Cadaveric Renal Transplantation.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Awarded second prize in paper presentation in Indian Society of Nephrology conference 2012 Ahmedabad.
  • GOLD MEDALIST IN M.D Gen.Medicine Madurai medical college
  • Got First prize two times in Quiz programme conducted by department of Medicine 2009 & 2010.
  • Got FIRST prize in Quiz programme conducted by department of ENDOCRINOLOGY Madurai 2010.

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